The care we provide

Patient Liaisons and their Care Teams provide a myriad of essential services including:

Offering emotional support by focusing on the entire person, not just the illness. Care Team member will address any emotional, psychological, spiritual or social need that arises.

Accompanying patients to doctor visits or
hospitalizations to assure all questions are answered and all lingering concerns are addressed.

Offering guidance to the family on how to best support and care for the patient. Organizing and distributing various responsibilities to family members so that everyone can take part and become a collaborative team.

Happy Senior Couple Talking With A Young Man

Establishing regular avenues of communication and coordination between the family and the Care Team.

Sorting and compilation of patient records for future use.

Compiling an extensive personal health care record to be reviewed by all professional on the Care Team.

Through this complex coordination of services, our Patient Liaisons have been able to record increased wellbeing of the patients in their care and a significant reduction in the anxiety and stress of family caregivers.